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Just like you, I strive to be a more sturdy, versatile, credible, and compelling executive and team leader who drives positive results for their organization. Cutlass Leadership is dedicated to guaranteeing the success of its clients. From corporations to small businesses, non-profits to an individual in need, we will help you achieve your objectives. With my knowledge of leadership and management science and my 30+ years of experience working in high-reliability and executive leadership positions, I can help you improve your organizational and individual leadership and management effectiveness to achieve your objectives and create a positive team environment.

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Whether you are seeking organizational alignment, improved organizational communication & messaging, leadership or help with management curriculum development, we provide solutions that make sense. Cutlass Leadership is here to help assess and offer solutions and strategies that works best for you and your organization.

Providing you my front line leader insights and advice on leadership and management concepts and their application.

My guests and I dare you to make a difference by offering concepts and situational leadership stories to help enable your success!

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