Paul Kingsbury served over 31 years on active duty in the Navy leading as a front line leader, manager, and instructor in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, and advising strategic, executive, and middle level managers as a senior enlisted leader. During his career he served in aircraft carriers, cruisers, amphibious ships, an aviation squadron, two overseas regions, the Naval Safety Center, and as the Fleet Master Chief for U.S. Fleet Forces Command.

After retiring from the Navy, he joined the U.S. Naval Institute and served as a brand ambassador and hosted the "From the Deckplates" edition of the Proceedings Podcast. He served as a member of the Naval Institute’s editorial board and has several published articles on Navy policy and issues in Proceedings and Joint Forces Quarterly, has received awards in both the U.S. Naval Institute General Essay and Enlisted Essay contests, and is the author of the recently published 2nd edition of The Chief Petty Officer’s Guide and the first edition of The Petty Officers Guide and the next Bluejacket's Manual. Paul has also worked with the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps helping them modernize their youth leadership development curriculum.

Paul has a Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College and is a graduate of several Department of Defense and U.S. Navy leadership and management courses.

Paul also serves as the National President for the Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) and is on the board of directors for Sea Service Family, Foundation. He established Cutlass Leadership Concepts in 2020 to help organizations and people develop the attributes of strength, versatility, and credibility to improve team performance.